ENDURANCE – a film update!

This has been a multi-year project – not untypical for independent filmmakers! But what has really helped us along the way and kept us going to the finish line – is something we learned from Suzanne’s own journey in life and art. That is endurance. We have persisted in our belief and passion for telling Suzanne’s story in this documentary film despite limited resources and lack of financial support. When professional and personal challenges threw up roadblocks over the last several years, we hung on to our ultimate belief in the project, especially our conviction that Suzanne’s story would touch a nerve with audiences. Now, we are approaching that finish line after four months in post production. As the film’s producers, we couldn’t be happier, but we also know how influential Suzanne’s mantra about ‘digging deep’ and ‘hanging on to something’ you believe in, helped fuel our journey to this point.

Post Prod Editing

Hello from the IMITATING LIFE FILM post production edit room with filmmakers Katherine Wilkins De Francis, Karen Whitehead & editor Pippa McBride (center)

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  1. This is fantastic – thank you for your tenacity and perseverance on this project. I have been following Suzanne, as well as your film making journey ever since coming to preview in NYC several years ago as Katherine’s guest. This is so exciting and awesome. Congratulations !
    Ms. Dale Erichsen


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