Over several years ’embedded’ in the process of making a documentary about photographer/art activist Suzanne Heintz, we have been understandably focused on our storytelling structure and overall look and feel of the film. An integral part of this process is thinking about how sound (including music) and visuals can combine to help move along the narrative, give the story an emotional edge and distinct identity.  The biggest challenge for most of us in  indie productions  is  of course, the sheer cost of licensing well known songs that might be a good fit. We initially experimented with female vocalists in the genre of mid 20th century songsmiths given the style of Suzanne Heintz’s photographic compositions and personal background. But in our search, we were always looking for a composition with a contemporary twist or more ‘edgy’ and raw, offbeat vibe.  In the end we found something truly perfect and unique for Imitating Life – the audacity of Suzanne Heintz  to really kick off our opening sequence and intrigue the audience.  Here’s what happened when we partnered with the supremely talented Claudia Hoyser and writing partner Tony Gross.




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