Happy Holidays with a twist!

Just about a year ago, we were fortunate enough to be following art activist/photographer Suzanne Heintz with our documentary cameras in New York as she set about to create a holiday card like no other.  But this was not like any other film shoot we’ve been involved with. Navigating Manhattan rooftops and squeezing inside elevators or cabs with full size mannequins plus their wardrobe and Heintz’s photography equipment is not for the faint-hearted. (As our resulting footage indicates!) So this holiday season, we wanted to thank all our Imitating Life doc production team and supporters with a reminder of why we are looking forward to sharing our film about Heintz’s art activism and photography with the world:

Heintz’s extreme and Herculean efforts stops you in your tracks as Heintz intends. Our curiosity  has driven us to explore not only ‘how she does it’ but why Heintz’s clever pastiches of family life and womanhood have gone viral (several times, latest this week via Awkward Family Photos !) and proven so provocative and timely. We find Heintz’s work eerily relevant on the eve of 2017 , as too, is the 1950s retro look and feel of these unique family photos.

Heintz on location for another photo shoot using the famous New York skyline as her backdrop. copyright IMITATING LIFE 2015

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