Power to the Crowd – why we made our Kickstarter video!

It is quite a story itself how a million people have supported documentary film on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter since its launch in 2009. That has amounted to $120 million in pledges to documentary film. We’re determined that our journey with Suzanne Heintz joins these cool crowdfunding statistics.

It all comes down to participation. What does it take to make a film like ours? It takes a crowd that is willing to step up and be part of this story too. So far, we have witnessed an incredible outpouring of support from the women in film community just to get ourselves onto the Kickstarter platform this week. Now we need the crowd to grow for a film which essentially is an unusual story about a woman who is using photography, film and performance art to take action, ‘do something’ to make a difference and have social impact.

Suzanne Heintz has pushed her risk-taking, defiant art activism to an extreme level but she has already been joined by a global crowd responding to her work. Now we have a chance to get to another level of outreach with the power of documentary storytelling.

How far will Suzanne Heintz go? How far can we go? Its all down to our Kickstarter campaign live right now and what you decide to do when you watch this video.

Join the crowd, support us on Kickstarter here!

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