Riders of The Perfect Storm

Heintz horsyAny photo shoot with mannequins is challenging…but our undeterred documentary subject, Suzanne Heintz, kicked it up a notch literally, when she added equestrian sports to the backdrop of her depictions of perfect family life with daughter Mary Margaret and husband Chauncey. Heintz’s goal is not to be simply horsing around although it looks very funny.  With this latest pastiche of family life, Heintz hopes to particularly reach the next generation.

Drawing us and more fans into her outrageous acts of art is turning into an incredible adventure unfolding before our cameras but it is also making us all think a little harder about the images and roles we curate  online and in real life.  When you watch Heintz describe the method behind ‘her madness’ doing this work, it really makes perfect sense.

(A revealing snapshot from  behind the scenes of the horse riding shoot and what to expect in our upcoming film got some primetime news airtime in Denver this week via our friends at Fox 31. Watch the clip


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